Hon. Daniel P. Ramirez (Ret.)

Hon. Daniel P. Ramirez (Ret.) joins ADR Services, Inc. after 26 years as a Judge for the County of Los Angeles. After obtaining his J.D., Judge Ramirez began his legal career as an associate at Meyer, Wagner, and Associates, with a practice focusing on personal injury matters. After working in private practice, he then spent the next five years as Deputy District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles. After his first year as a prosecutor, he was assigned to the Hardcore Gang Division where he specialized in homicide cases. For his successful jury trial work in prosecuting gang-related homicides, he earned special letters of commendation from the District Attorney.

With his appointment to the Los Angeles Municipal Court in 1994, Judge Ramirez became one of the youngest judges ever appointed to the bench. While presiding over civil cases, he took on leadership roles at the court, serving as Assistant Presiding Judge and Presiding Judge. He was later elevated to the Los Angeles Superior Court upon court unification in 2000.

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