• Complex family law case involving multiple unimproved and improved properties.  Long term marriage wherein the disabled spouse sought spousal support.  Further issues involved custody, visitation, and school selection for the children. Settled at mediation.

  • Breach of fiduciary duty involving forgery in the acquisition of real property. Business valuation, spousal support, and property division. Case settled at mediation.

  • Marital home division, multiple retirement plans, federal and state tax debts, Epstein credits and Watts charges, antique vehicle valuation and division of personal property, spousal support, Ostler/Smith calculations, cohabitation dispute, and attorney fees. Case settled at mediation.

  • Property division involving overseas real property and real property within California. Spousal support, attorney fees, and pension plan dispute. Settled at mediation.

  • Long term marriage where one party was allegedly cohabitating after separation. Deliberate overtime reduction dispute. Valuation of firearms, pension plans, and division marital home. Settled at mediation.

  • Moore/Marsden calculations, spousal support, child custody, and child support. Long term marriage involving high-income earner and unemployed homemaker. Settled.

  • During the marriage, parties executed a revocable trust wherein one party was placed as trustee. Moore/Marsden issues regarding marital home. Both parties had significant monies in their own pension plans. The cost to litigate was estimated at over $100,000 as to each party. Settled at mediation.

  • Transmutation of marital home, domestic violence allegations, division of retirement account, spousal and child support. Exceptionally, high conflict parents involving issues of custody and visitation. One party spent over $300,000 in attorney's fees. Tried to judgment.

  • Spousal support, breach of fiduciary duties due to excessive gambling debts, division of marital home, pension plan dispute, burial plot division, separate property dispute involving real property held by other party, multiple firearms division, federal and state tax debts dispute. All settled at mediation.

  • Multi-million-dollar business division and move away dispute. Date of separation was also contested. Case settled at mediation.

  • Short term marriage involving separate real property owned by one party for over twenty years. Title changed to add new spouse and dissolution filed three years later. Case settled.

  • Parties owned the marital home that was going into foreclosure. One party objected to having the property sold. Settled at mediation.

  • The litigation involved an equity share partner and the other a homemaker. Dispute concerning division of marital home; spousal support; and attorney’s fees. Settled.

  • Long term marriage involving failure to pay IRS and FTB debts; failure to pay spousal support, QDROs distributions and property division. Settled.

  • Parties filed domestic violence restraining orders against each other. Smith/Ossler calculations and arrears involving spousal and child support. Pension plans and credit card debt allocations. Domestic violence restraining orders were mutually dismissed and all other issues settled after mediation.

  • Dispute concerning custody, visitation, and selection of school for children. Settled at mediation.

  • Contentious custody and visitation issue involving the appropriateness of grandparents assisting in childcare. Contested child support. Case settled at mediation.

  • Child sexual abuse allegations that was vehemently denied by the accused party, custody, and visitation dispute; attorney’s fees. The parties agreed to a step program with conjoint therapy and monitored visitation. Settled.

  • One party is an attorney and the other party worked for the government. High conflict parents. Child custody, visitation, support and attorney fees issues. Settled at mediation.

  • Move away dispute where the family evaluator recommended that the child should be permitted to move with one party. The court did not follow the recommendation due to the child’s close relationship with the non-moving party and the child’s extensive family ties in California. Spousal, child support, and stock option division. All issues tried to judgment.

  • Child custody dispute involving a move-away. Allegations of substance abuse. Division of property, valuation of professional practice, child support, and spousal support. Settled

  • Parties polarized over child custody and visitation. Move away involving autistic children. Settled at mediation.

  • Allegation of domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse. Concerns raised regarding appropriate visitation due to the safety of the children. After court mediation, the parties reached a settlement.

  • One party was a veteran and the other a part-time teacher. This case was especially difficult to resolve since one party was represented by a contentious attorney. In the end, the case settled, and the parties thanked the court in helping to resolve the case.

  • Two non-biological men claimed to be the presumed father of the child. Allegations of child abuse. After trial, the court determined that only one of the presumed fathers was the true presumed father thereby appropriately awarding custody and visitation. Judgment

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order issued against one party by court. Child custody, child support, spousal support, division of marital home, leased vehicle, and claims of disability. Case settled at mediation.

  • One party purchased real property prior to marriage. During the marriage, the parties executed a revocable trust. Moore/Marsden, pension plan and spousal support. This case was noteworthy because the cost to litigate would have exceeded $100,000. Settled